Free conference call

Our sister company offer a free conference call service that gives you free gifts when you make calls.

Free conference callWith their user-friendly system, Minglur offer the best free conference call service around. There's no billing or creedit cards needed, you simply dial their lo-call rate number and enter a unique PIN. They also offer on-call controls, banking level security and their mobile apps are on the way.

How does free conference calling work?

1. Give them your email address and they give you a unique PIN
2. Share your PIN and the dial-in number with anyone you want to chat to
3. Start chatting with your associates, colleagues or friends

What does it cost?

Nothing - no credit cards, no monthly bills, you just pay for the lo-call rate call with your normal phone provider.

Rated '5 stars' by Conference Call Review and their users, Minglur offer the service and support to make your business life a lot easier.

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